Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mr Snypes On Vacation

Well friends, the Ishkurwagon is packed and the surfboards are attached to the roof. Mr. Snypes has filed his papers with the Tuskers and is now officially off on vacation. My crew and I have selected a nice recreational beach planet to enjoy ourselves on. Many space bunnies will be sporting the latest summer fashions as well.




and Foxy

... are just some of the girls who were kind enough to feature in the summer issue of Space Bunnies magazine.

Luckily for you guys (the readers) I will still continue posting throughout the summer. I have many EVE related stories that have yet to be told. This should hopefully tide some of you over until I bring my account online when summer is over. I enjoy writing these posts and would not like to see this blog fall into the "inactive" category.

Anyways, have a great summer! (or winter)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Space Rage

People around Heverice often know me from my extremely loud ship audio systems. They can shake the plates right off your vessel if I pull up beside you at a stargate. You can yell at me all you want calling me things like a no good punk and to turn it down but the cold hard fact is I won't hear you. I'll just see your crunched up facial expression and your lips flapping while you flail your arms in the air.

and yes if you do things like that you will look like a complete idiot...

Oh and one other thing... don't mouth off to a -10 Pirate. He has guns on his ship dummy.

R.I.P to Gettecker, oldgravyleg, and Lady Mariko the latest space rage victims...


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Never Use The Captains Washroom... Ever!!!

So I was in the hanger area when I felt the need to take a little time out. Knowing the station facilities were at the other end of the hanger I asked one of the crew members of a nearby Thorax named "Starship Funk" if I could quickly use the washroom.

"Go right ahead, the boss isn't here at the moment but I'm sure he wouldn't mind". The man said.

Being in command of many Thorax cruisers in the past I didn't even think twice about using the luxury throne room reserved for captains use only. Upon washing my hands I noticed the name embroidered in the hand towels "Captain James Brown". The name sort of rang a bell but I couldn't quite place it. I then exited the ship and went about my day.

I was later walking past one of the stations news monitors when I heard a familiar name being broadcast.

"One captain James Brown was reported to have held several members of his crew at gunpoint earlier today after discovering a floater in his office washroom. Concord Police arrived on the scene only to have it escalate into a high speed ship chase across many regions. Captain James Brown was eventually captured and is currently being held in custody..."

Seems I have a knack for causing trouble even when I'm not out in space.

Translation: I'm busy and haven't played much EVE.