Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Space Cowboy Round Two

Heverice was empty. A lone astrotumbleweed drifted past the bow of my Thorax as an uncalled for amount of crumbs cascaded down the front of my shirt with every bite of the incredibly dry granola bar I was eating.

"A TARGET!" I shouted as a barrage of granola bits pelted my console.

That tape was still stuck in the deck and would not eject.

I landed about 30k off the Fleet Stabber, locked target, and went to work. As soon as I saw local spike a large granola bit lodged itself in my throat causing me to choke. I fell forwards onto the acceleration lever clutching my throat. Luckily Lilly was near by to assist me as the ship powered up to full speed headed in a strait line.
The Stabber being an incredibly fast ship kept pace as it tried to keep point. Suddenly his gang landed but they were over 80k away.

My eyes were still watery but my windpipe was now clear and I was able to resume command of the ship just as the Stabber tried to run. He ran alright but only after his pod ejected from his exploding ship.

So in the end I managed to almost pod myself with a granola bar, kill a Fleet Stabber, and witness a terrible trap unfold. I even got the loot! Yay!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Space Cowboy

I had reached the end of the universe. Every last ISK had been spent on boose, smokes, and lavish hotel rooms. The vacation was truly over.

Stranded, I needed to somehow make enough ISK to buy a ship and my ticket back to the stars. An opportunity arose when I saw a group of hanger hands engaged in a game of poker. After some silver tongued word wizardry and placing the ownership papers to Space Bunnies magazine on the table the game was on.

It wasn't long before all the ISK they had and the ownership papers to exotic dancers Jane and Miss Calamity were mine.

Before they had a chance to try and win anything back I faked a text that my mother was calling for dinner, tipped my hat and was off.

Now it was off to the used ship dealer to see if I could afford anything spaceworthy with my new winnings.

There were several decent ships on the lot but I still didn't have enough ISK for any of them. Then in the corner of the hanger under a pile of used ship parts and scrap, I noticed what looked like a beat up old Thorax. It was rusty, with several bullet holes in the hull and some extra additions held on by what appeared to be duct tape. The salesman said the ship had been sitting in storage for ages because nobody wanted it. The previous owner had been some sort of Minmatar mad scientist and had made several home made alterations. The salesman said that if I could get it running and off his lot he would sell it to me for next to nothing.


Despite its appearance, and after a few tweaks, the ship was running well enough to take into space. I paid the man and was off.

There was a tape stuck in the malfunctioning deck that wouldn't eject.

The thing held up fairly well at first but the hybrid mix of Minmatar and Gallente technologies was highly unstable. It wasn't too long until sparks started flying and I was experiencing power outages across the grid. Fearing the worst I warped to a nearby planet so I wouldn't be stranded in space if a total breakdown occured. Upon landing the ship ground to a halt after several violent concussions rippled through the structure.

That's when the Rupture appeared.

"Shit!" I screamed as I started kicking one of the controll consoles. Suddenly an intense whirring sound started up and the ship shuttered back to life. The Rupture already had a point and was adding to the collection of bullet holse in my hull. I hit the gas. The thing suddenly had gobs of power and I was easily outrunning the pirate Rupture.

I returned fire and at 20k was matching the shield Rupture blow for blow. This Thorax was like some kind of wild animal. It wasn't too long before "poof" I was waving at the pirate's escape capesule as he warped off.

Feeling like a Rock Starr I finally made it back to Heverice ready to re-earn my fortunes in the space lanes.