Friday, March 11, 2011

Ebil Piwate

Hangin' out with Bubble Gum

A daring miner showed up on the scanner. He seemed quite content just sitting there mining away.

As an avid environmentalist I felt a burning rage build up inside of me as I saw the devastation being caused to the asteroid conservation zone. This sucker really thought he could get away with destroying an environmentally protected area just to make a quick buck! I decided to step in and bought him a ticket for the funeral expresss back to hi sec.

All was well in the universe again. Then an incoming transmission hit the screen.

Natuli > really? why did you have to kill me?
Natuli > kill my ship sure but my pod. really? come on
Mr Snypes > gf
Natuli > good fight sure when I am in a minning ship with no defense

Bubble Gum burst out laughing. I burst out laughing. By the time I managed to pull it together the transmission had ended. Oh well, back to business as usual.


  1. Really? Why DID you have to kill him? Muhahaha. Love that song!


  2. Haha, yeah Band of Horses is good. I listen to so much music this blog has no possibility of ever letting me post it all. I usually just post whatever comes to mind with some relation to the post.