Friday, July 15, 2011

The Final Battle

My glorious Thorax landed on the Hyperion. The shields peeled away like a banana. I confidently smashed the armor and brought it to critical meltdown. While discussing a proper ransom my kill was stolen from me along with my own ship being destroyed by a gang of 3 cloaky strategic cruisers. Upon returning to station I was informed that my pilots liscence will not be re-issued due to unpaid parking tickets. Looks like the end of the road for this space cowboy. Adios friends it was a trip.

It's a good thing I'm quitting the pirate life as my bankroll is near 0. I have enough isk for an exotic dancer a blaster and a plasma bullet. In a perfect world CCP would put a monument outside Heverice V station saying "Mr Snypes was the shit" but that's just a dream. Who the hell reads this blog anymore anyways? I guess my final words would be. There's more then just math and a flawless fit to being a good PVP pilot. That's just a lie used by others to bind you. It takes a touch of soul. If you believe in that, then you can fly like I do.

Mr Snypes out... *radio crackle*